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10.06.30 update:
Maybe I should update this page with more current phone. But sure is fun to see how excited we were when we have features such as storing image in our phone, with no expectation that someday we will even have a camera in it!

Yes, Philips has done it again! And I sure have bought it again!! :)
There's soooo much to say about my Fisio 620, but I just dont' have the time to spill them here... :(
In the meanwhile, you can take a look at images that I've stored in my phone.
Yes, it does stores images!!! B-)
Click here!

But then again, I sure miss my Ozeo... :(

Finally, after my GF 768's battery dried up, I got myself a new handphone...
And it turned out that 768 was not the best handphone I ever had... :)

With just around $130 (on Oct. '00) you can own a phone that have:

  • A screen of 5 lines, not including the fixed row showing battery usage, new sms, and signal sensitivity.
  • Around 5 days battery life (not just stand by!).
  • Hot keys.
  • Voice dial, voice command, voice memo.
  • Predictive text input (T9).
  • Emotional icon for sms that uses common characters used in emails... :)  :(  :P  (50 of them!!)
  • Vibration alert, melody composer... of course.
  • Brick game, in which... well, I guess succeeded on making sure that I won't be bored playing it by making it hard to pass the fifth level... :(
  • Organizer!!!
  • Well, not to mention the award winning (and surely deserves it) carousel system used on the menu.  It just makes me feel that I would never use any other phone...
  • Dual band (GSM 900 and 1800)
  • And oh, by the way... the signal is much much better than my old 768.

I must assure you that I'm not working in Philips, nor are my parents... :)

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