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GF 768

  GF 768

a Balinese scarecrow

Meet my (uh, former...) GF 768.  It's handy, it's blue, it's lightweight, and most of all... 
it's mine.  Well, was mine... :)

Some codes:

  • IMEI: *#06# 
    This should work on every hand phone, not only GF 768.
    IMEI is your hand phone's serial number.  Write it on a piece of paper so that when someone took your phone the GSM provider could block it.

  • Software Version: ->*<-<-*<-*
    -> is the right button, <- is the left button.
    This shows the version of the software that installed on the hand phone.
    For example, mine is 9809102248.  It means that the software installed in my hand phone was build on October 9, 1998.  Or was it September 10, 1998??  Well, doesn't really matter.  I don't know 'bout the last four digits.  Sequence maybe?

  • This one is cool...  Did you know that 768 and 788 actually use the same software?  It means that 768 can have 788's features such as Greetings, Edit phone book, and... customize menus!
    How??  Here...
    Whenever you store something, the display would shows "Stored".  When the display shows "Stored", quickly press the left key, don't release it until the display shows "Extend?".  Press Yes.  Now you're on the extended menu.  Refer to 788's manual to customize the menus.

Want to test your own melody before entering it in your phone?
Try this program... Click here to download
It also contains a bundle of melodies for 688/7**/T** series.

I also have a list of my own melodies... Click here

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