Allah sumber kuatku
droplets on a pine tree at our house

Eugene Greco
G  4/4  1st note: 5

G             D    C      G  D C
  Hanya Kau milikku di surga
      G                D   C       F6  G9
Tiada yang kuingini di bumi, hanya Kau
Cmay7            G   Am7 D   G
      Tak kuandalkan kekuatanku
Cmay7            G          A             D
      Namun yang pasti 'kan tetap s'lamanya

         C       G            C       G
Allah sumber kuatku, Allah sumber kuatku
         C       Bm       Em          Am7   D
Allah sumber kuatku dan bagianku, s'lamanya

Do you have a better chord arrangement for this particular song? Or is there any typo on the lyric? Please don't hesitate to inform me.


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