Teach me Your way
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Proskuneo III & Tara Lim
F  4/4  1st note: 3

                Bb         C11                F         Dm
Teach me Your way, o Lord,     and I walk in Your truth
           Gm        C11                    F
Give me an undivided heart that I may fear Your name

            Dm                     Bb
     I will praise You forever and ever
                   Gm                     C11
     With all my heart, with all of my strength
                     Am             Dm
     And all of my life I offer to You, Lord
              Gm                  C11
     Let Your will be done in my life
                    Bb                 F
     Teach me Your way, teach me Your way

Ajar aku, Tuhan, jalan dalam t'rang-Mu
B'rikanku hati yang teguh mengasihi-Mu

     Kupuji Kau selama-lamanya
     Seg'nap hatiku, seg'nap kuatku
     Seg'nap hidupku kus'rahkan pada-Mu
     Jadilah sesuai k'hendak-Mu
     Ajar aku, Yesus Tuhan

Do you have a better chord arrangement for this particular song? Or is there any typo on the lyric? Please don't hesitate to inform me.


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