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My name is Jody Rondonuwu. Indonesian.

After graduated from Fasilkom UI (Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Indonesia -- Computer Science, University of Indonesia), I worked as a programmer and then becomes the project manager in a tiny software developer company. I've managed and/or do programmings on numerous applications (transaction processing, warehouse management, decision support system, e-commerce, etc.) by using VB, CGI (such as this web), SQL Server, MySQL, etc. Although my work urge me to do some management (making proposals, time frames, schedules, etc.), but still, if anyone ask me what I do for living, I would reply them with, "I'm a PROGRAMMER!". 'Cos that's what I most love to do... :)

My wife was an editor to Nirmala, an Indonesian health magazines. She and I also translate books, English-Indonesia or vice-versa, for Harvest Publication House, Binarupa Aksara (Kharisma), and Nirmala Publications. We've made a great team. I'm the translator and she's the editor. Wouldn't have it any other way.

most regards,

+62 818 800665


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